Shop Update: SUBHUMANS poster3 color Seriagraph for Subhumans, Conquest for Death & Criminal Damage concert in San Francisco, now available. 

Subhumans Shop Listing

Adventures In Design InterviewA live interview on Adventures In Design Podcast now available on iTunes. 

Blog Update: AID Podcast Interview

Shop Update: BattleRat Toy Pre-orderNew BattleRat vinyl toy colorway & accompanying Giclee print now available for Pre-order. 

BattleRat Toy Pre-order Shop Listing

Blog Update: BattleRat 'Zoetic' editionPics & information surrounding the new BattleRat Zoetic edition. 

BattleRat Pre-order Blog Entry

Info surrounding the newly founded illustration cult. 


Shop Update: Spider-man PosterSpider-man v. Doc Ock Artist Editions available tomorrow, October 16th at 10 AM in the Sutfin online store.

Spider-man Poster Shop Listing

Art Update: Spiderman v. Doc Ock Marvel/Mondo art print, 'Spiderman v. Doctor Octopus' added to the SciFi & Fantasy art section. 

Spiderman v. Doctor Octopus art print

Blog Update: Spiderman v. Doc OckExclusive MondoCon release, Marvel art print - 'Spiderman v. Doctor Octopus', pics & info. 

Spiderman v. Doc Ock Blog Entry

Instagram: Bringer of Torture'Bringer of Torture' [Detail] Ink wash on watercolor paper, 97 #tbt

Bringer of Torture IG

Blog Update: Star Wars Workbooks6 new illustrations created for a series of Star Wars children's workbooks. Blog complete with pics & info. 

Learn Well You Will Blog Entry

Instagram: Slave-1 remarqueSmall Slave 1 Remarque penciled out for Boba Fett's new proprietor. 

Slave-1 remarque IG

Instagram: C3PO remarque1" C3PO remarque in pencil on R2-D2 original. 

C3PO remarque IG

Art Update: Boba Fett New Boba Fett full-color illustration added to the art section.

Boba Fett Illustration

Art Update: Padme AmidalaThe Art section has been updated with a new Padme Amidala full-color illustration. 

Padme Amidala Illustration

Art Update: ChewbaccaNew color Chewbacca illustration added to the Art section. 

Chewbacca Illustration

Art Update: YodaNew color Yoda illustration added to the Art section. 

Yoda Illustration

Shop Update: MBM & RBR Pre-order GID MadBattleMan & BattleRat Pre-order offer now active online.  

MBM & RBR GID Pre-order Shop Listing

Blog Update: MadBattleMan & BattleRatMadBattleMan & BattleRat duo paint application on Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl base. Pics & pre-order information. 

MadBattleMan & BattleRat GID Blog Entry

Instagram: Escape from the Depths!Escape from the aphotic depths! Glow-in-the-dark MadBattleMan with soapstone rub effect and painted details. 

Escape from the Depths IG

Blog Update: LEGO x HoBBiT PosterExtended LEGO x HoBBiT poster design pics & info. 

LEGO x HoBBiT Blog Entry

Art Update: LEGO x HoBBiT PosterLEGO x HoBBiT poster added to the SciFi & Fantasy Art gallery. 

LEGO x HoBBiT Art addition

Instagram: Creepshow no03/03Creepshow main edition Remarque no03/03 2k14 #art #illustration #creepshow #mikesutfin

Creepshow Main 03 IG

Blog Update: New Facebook Art PageArt of Mike Sutfin Facebook page now up & running. 

New Facebook Art Page Blog Entry

Instagram: LEGO x HoBBiT x SutfinA small look at some LEGO illustration work in conjunction with the upcoming HoBBiT film  #lego

LEGO x HoBBiT x Sutfin Preview IG

Blog Update: Creepshow GIDCreepshow 'Glow-in-the-Dark' green variant long-exposure photos & information. 

Creepshow GID Blog Entry

Instagram: Happy Halloween!!
Happy Halloween!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Happy Halloween IG

Instagram: J Mascis at Mishka NYJ Mascis signing prints last night in Brooklyn, eeek! Regrammage: @mishkagram #dinosaurjr #mishka

J Mascis at Mishka NY IG

Instagram: October PrintsThat's a lot of prints! You want fries with that?! #sutphonix #mishka #creepshow #dinosaurjr

Ocotober Prints IG

Blog Update: Lunar Scorpion GraphicDinosaur Jr. x Mishka x Sutfin Tee design 'Lunar Scorpion' release & Concert poster for J. Mascis solo performance in Brooklyn.

Dinosaur Jr x Mishka x Sutfin Blog Entry

Blog Update: Signing Appearance SpainMagic the Gathering signing appearance in Spain Oct. 11, 12 & 13. Event details & information. 

MTG Spain Blog Entry

Blog Update: CREEPSHOW AE Sale InfoInfo surrounding the artist editions of CREEPSHOW to be released tomorrow, September 24th.  

CREEPSHOW AE Sale info Blog Entry

Instagram: Embellished Giclee Print'Red Herring' hand-embellished giclee print no. 05 of 15 [Detail] Copic markers, ink & acrylic, 2k12.

Red Herring Embellished Giclee IG

Blog Update: Creepshow Release InfoCREEPSHOW seriagraph pics & info. To be released tomorrow, September 17th at Mondo. AE edition soon.

Creepshow Blog Entry

Art Update: Creepshow Main EditionCreepshow Main Edition added to the art section. 

Creepshow Main Edition Art Addition

Art Update: Creepshow Variant EditionCreepshow Variant Edition added to the color section. 

Creepshow Variant Art addition

Blog Update: Rook x Sutfin TeePics & information surrounding the Rook x Sutfin lim artist series tee Demolished released Fall 2k13. 

Rook x Sutfin Blog Entry

Instagram: DemolishedA detail view of the artwork for Rook x Sutfin colaborative tee, Demolished.  

Demolished IG

Blog Update: Boil-tone BattleRatSeptember, 2k13 nfs

Boil-tone BattleRat Blog Entry

Instagram: Test Marblin'Some marbled resin torch pieces, cast for upcoming MadBattleMan toys. 

Test Marblin' IG

Instagram: Magic alteration sketchSensei's Divinging Top Magic card alteration sketch. 

Magic Alteration IG

Shop Update: BattleMan Giclee sold outMadBattleMan Giclee is now sold out.

MBM Giclee Shop Listing

Blog Update: MBM Giclee [8/15]MadBattleMan Giclee mini-print pics and Release information. 

MadBattleMan Giclee Blog Entry

Blog Update: MadBattleMan [+]HP Pics of a newly finished [+]HP MBM posted to Battle On!!

MadBattleMan [+]HP Blog Entry

Blog Update: July BattlemenTwo assorted Battlemen exit the cauldron [Pics]

July Battlemen Blog Entry

Shop Update: Kicker AE LP sold outThe Artist Edition of the Kicker 'Not You' Record is now Sold out.

Kicker AE LP Shop Listing

Blog Update: Kicker AE Release InfoKicker 'Not You' Artist Edition record release information & photos. 

Kicker Not You AE LP Blog Entry

Instagram: Servants of Sauron FramedReceived today - Framed Servants of Sauron print inside a hardcore Tolkien collector's inner sanctum! 

Servants of Sauron Framed

Instagram: BattleMan CommissionsAn obscured group of hand-painted MadBattleMen comissions, in-progress.

MadBattleMan Commissions

Instagram: Custom Entity 13A custom Rumble Monsters Entity 13 robot with Taxi Driver theme. In progress, 2009

Chauffeur De Taxi

Instagram: Lord of the Pit'Lord of the Pit' MTG card illustration. Oil on board, 2007.


Blog Update: Airmada HelmetIcon Airmada Medicine Man motorcycle helmet details & information. 

Airmada Helmet Blog Entry

Art update: Medicine Man Medicine Man artwork has been added to the gallery section. 

Medicine Man Art Addition

Blog Update: 'In Progress' RecapOriginal line art for Blade II movie poster on display at Mondo 'In Progress' event held Jan, 25th 2013

Mondo 'In Progress' Recap Blog Entry

Instagram: Tokyo BattlemanA transpacific Patchwerk Battleman looks out over Tokyo. Photo: Shingo, 2011.

Tokyo Battleman

Instagram: Biollante'Biollante' piece for Godzilla inspired group show at Super7, 2004. Prismacolor & Ink on construction paper.


Instagram: Custom Bop DragonsTwo of the first custom Rumble Monsters Bop Dragons produced for San Diego Comicon, 2008. 

Custom Bop Dragons

Instagram: Bop Dragon ArmyAn army of Rumble Monsters Bop Dragon figures ready to recieve paint, early 2008. 

Bop Dragon Army

Instagram: SwordKiller ColorSwordkiller unpublished version in color. Ink on bristol w/ digital finish, 2008. 

SwordKiller Color

Instagram: Swordkiller Unpublished Ink on Bristol, 2008. 

Swordkiller Unpublished Version

Shop Update: Creeping Nomadic T-ShirtCreeping Nomadic t-shirt graphic, white discharge ink on black, LIM 48 now available. 

Creeping Nomadic T-Shirt

Instagram: Corey Duffel Skate DeckIt's Corey Duffel's 10th year riding for Foundation. Here, a look at his pro model graphic from 2003. 

Corey Duffel Scissorhands

Instagram: BattleRat In-progressA BattleRat 'hand-paint' in-progress. Finished figure available at Grass Hut

BattleRat In-progress

Blog Update: LOTR AE Sale InfoSale info for the artist edition of Lord of the Rings seriagraph 'Servants of Sauron' & in-progress artwork photos. 

LOTR Artist Editions Sale Info Blog Entry

Blog Update: Servants of Sauron Lord of the Rings print 'Servants of Sauron' will be released online tomorrow, January 24th at Mondo. AE edition soon.

Servants of Sauron Blog Entry

Art Update: Servants of Sauron RegArtwork for Lord of the Rings serigraph 'Servants of Sauron' Regular Edition has been added to the gallery. 

Servants of Sauron Regular Edition

Art Update: Servants of Sauron VariantArtwork for Lord of the Rings serigraph 'Servants of Sauron' Variant Edition has been added to the gallery. 

Servants of Sauron Variant Edition

Instagram: MAXIMUM ROCKNROLLArtwork featured in Maximum Rocknroll interview with bay area punk band Kicker. n357 Feb 2K13


Blog: Mondo Gallery 'In Progress' In Progress group show opening at Mondo Gallery Jan. 25th, 2013 from 7-10 PM. 

Mondo Gallery Exhibit Blog Entry

Instagram: Safe Inside Serigraph'Safe Inside' 3-color Serigraph on wood, edition of 10 [Sold Out].

Safe Inside

VivaLaVinyl InterviewNew interview conducted by Jacob Van Loon in late 2K12, recently posted over at VivaLaVinyl. 

VLV Interview

Instagram: Swift Maneuver detailMTG illustration Swift Maneuver, 2006. Full image added to the Science Fiction & Fantasy gallery section. 

Swift Maneuver detail

Instagram: Gurtogg Bloodboil detailWarcraft Illustration Gurtogg Bloodboil, 2008. Full image added to the Science Fiction & Fantasy gallery section.

Gurtogg Bloodboil detail

Blog: Kicker 'Not You' Detail PhotosDetail photography from the Kicker LP Not You on Tankcrimes Records.

Kicker Detail Photography Blog Entry

Toy Update: +HP MadBattleMan 01 +HP MadBattleMan 01 pictures added to toy section.

+HP MadBattleMan 01 Toy Additon

Blog: Red Herring Embellished GicleesHand-Embellished Red Herring Giclee prints n01-04/13.

Red Herring n01-04 Blog Entry

Instagram: BattleRat Profile SketchTurnaround sketch [Profile View] for BattleRat head sculpt.

BattleRat Turnaround Sketch [Profile View]

Instagram: BattleRat Front View SketchTurnaround sketch [Front View] for BattleRat head sculpt.

BattleRat Turnaround Sketch [Front View]

Instagram: MBM Chapter 3 PreviewA 1st look at Cobalt, the 3rd chapter in the Battleman's story.  Lettering by Belgian album artist Kris Verwimp.

MBM Chapter 3 Preview

Blog: Guest Customs @ Grass HutView Customs by B. Spoons, Cometdebris, M. Ontiveros, Skinner & Rumble Monsters.

Guest Customs Blog Entry

Toy Update: BattleRat HP 03Hand-painted BattleRat #03 Pictures added to Toy Section.

BattleRat HP 03 Toy Addition

Toy Update: BattleRat HP 02Hand-painted BattleRat #02 Pictures added to Toy Section.

BattleRat HP 02 Toy Addition

Toy Update: BattleRat HP 01Hand-painted BattleRat #01 Pictures added to Toy Section.

BattleRat HP 01 Toy Addition

Blog: Studio VisitChoice art-news site Arrested Motion swings by the Oakland Studio.

Arrested Motion Blog Entry

Blog: Tokoichi CustomsTokoichi custom pics, details & sales info.  

Tokoichi Customs Blog Entry

Blog: MadBattleMan HP worksComplete picture archive of hand-painted Battlemen created for Creeping Nomadic @ Grass Hut [Sold Out].

Creeping Nomadic MBM HP Blog Entry

Blog: MadBattleMan Cobalt AP EditionArtist Edition Cobalt MadBattleMan pics & info [Sold Out].

MBM Cobalt AP Edition Blog Entry

Blog: Debut BattleRat Head SculptPics, details & sales info concerning the new BattleRat Head sculpt.

BattleRat Blog Entry

Instagram: Creeping CatacombsWork In Progress snap-shot for the upcoming Creeping Nomadic Art Show Nov. 1st @ Grass Hut, Portland.

Work in Progress Creeping Nomadic

Instagram: Boil-tonePreview shot of newly developed 'Boil-tone' color technique.


Art Update: KICKER 'Not You' LPCover Art for bay area punk band Kicker's new LP 'Not You' has been added to the gallery section.

Kicker Art Addition

Instagram: Clear Blue Resin TorchPreview image: A clear blue resin torch has been cast by Toybot Studios for a special LIM artist version of the upcoming 'Cobalt' MadBattleMan colorway.
Blog: Creeping Nomadic T-shirtCreeping Nomadic t-shirt graphic, white discharge ink on black, LIM 48.

Creeping Nomadic T-Shirt Blog Entry

Instagram: MBM Slip-case Box PreviewMadMattleMan HP & LIM figures for Creeping Nomadic get the slip-case treatment. 3 colors including metallic silver screened onto chipboard.
Blog: Creeping Nomadic @ Grass HutHandpainted Toys / Limited Figure / Original Artwork / Print Editions / More

Creeping Nomadic Blog Entry